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The EverWeb PowerUp DropDown Menu Button lets  you add unlimited buttons with menu options to your website. Using CSS for mouse over effects, the DropDown  menu lets you create buttons for;

1. Navigation menus


3. Purchase links

Or  anything else you  can imagine. You can add unlimited menu options and unlimited buttons with your choice of styling and effects.

EverWeb PowerUp  DropDown Menu Button

Install the EverWeb PowerUp DropDown Menu widget as you would any other widget. Just download from the button below then double click the widget to have EverWeb automatically install it for you.

The EverWeb PowerUp DropDown Menu Widget requires EverWeb 2.8 or later and is completely free.

Download & Install

Usage Instructions

The EverWeb PowerUp DropDown Menu Widget is very easy to use. Just follow these instructions;

1. Drag and drop the widget onto the page you would like to use it on

2. From the 'Widgets' tab in the Inspector you can modify the options as shown in the screenshot on the right

Button Appearance

First adjust the background colors and text  for the normal and mouse over state for the button. You can even add a round  border by entering the desired number in the 'Edge  Roudness' field.

Support & Questions

If you have any questions or comments let us know on our Contact Us Page.

Menu Options

Select where you would like the menu  to appear. You can have  a drop down menu, top up menu or left/right menus.


Menu Appearance

From here you can adjust the  colors for the actual menu items. You can set a custom font as well for the menu items if you  like

Menu Links

Here you can actually set the Menu items and link them to specific pages on your  website or to third party websites as well.