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EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare lets you easily compare two images for subtle changes. Just select two images and the widget takes care of the rest, providing your visitors with a way to easily compare spot differences between images side by side.

EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare

The EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare widget lets you show vertical or horizontal splitters. Plus you can include as many Image Compares as you like one one page.

Install the EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare widget as you would any other widget. Just download from the button below then double click the widget to have EverWeb automatically install it for you.

The EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare Widget requires EverWeb 3.3 or later and is completely free.

Download & Install

Usage Instructions

The EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare Widget is very easy to use. Just follow these instructions;

1. Drag and drop the widget onto the page you would like to use it on

2. From the 'Widgets' tab in the Inspector you must select the 'Before' and 'After' images

3. All other settings are optional

Once you select both images you will be able to see a preview within EverWeb. You will only be able to interact with the splitter when you preview or publish your website.


You can include Labels that will appear when you move your mouse over the image to describe your before and after images. They are optional and will only appear when you preview or publish your website.


The advanced options let you specify either a horizontal or vertical splitter. You can also define where the splitter appears when the page loads. By default it will appear in the center (or at 50%)

Support & Questions

If you have any questions or comments let us know on our Contact Us Page.