Fake Loader

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Our all new Fake Loader Widget lets you add a loading screen to your website that disappears after a specified number of seconds.

You can use this widget if your website has a whole bunch of large images or videos and you want to wait a few seconds while the page loads so it displays properly for your visitors.

This widget  works great with Responsive and Fixed Width pages  in EverWeb.

EverWeb PowerUp Fake Loader

Install the EverWeb PowerUp Fake Loader Widget as you would any other widget. Just download from the button below then double click the widget to have EverWeb automatically install it for you.

The EverWeb PowerUp Fake Loader Widget requires EverWeb 2.9 or later and is completely free.

Download & Install

Usage Instructions

Drag the Widget from the 'Widgets' tab to your website. By default you will see a green square on your web page.

This will not appear when you preview or publish your website. Instead, it will appear as one large loading screen and then disappear after the specified number of milliseconds you have entered in the Inspector.

When you add it to your page, make sure to go to the Arrange menu and select 'Bring to Font'

Loader Styling Options

Choose the type of loading Style you would like from the 'Loading Style' drop down menu.

You  can also set the background color from this section as well.

Support & Questions

If you have any questions or comments let us know on our Contact Us Page.

Loader Behavior

Set the Loading Time in milliseconds. The loading screen will fade away after this meany milliseconds.