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Easily add collapsable, multi-sections to your EverWeb website with our Accordion FAQ Widget.

If you want to provide FAQs, instructions, or anything else, you can now do so. This lightweight widget does not depend on heavy code. It can be customized to your website design and you can add as many sections as you like.

Check out the quick demo below to see how it works.

EverWeb Accordion FAQ Widget

Install the EverWeb Accordion FAQ Widget as you would any other widget. Just download from the button below then double click the widget to have EverWeb automatically install it for you.

The EverWeb Accordion FAQ Widget requires EverWeb 3.4 or later and is completely free.

Download & Install

Usage Instructions

Drag the Widget from the 'Widgets' tab to your website. By default the Widget will be completely empty.

You will need to go to the Inspector->Widget Settings and add your sections to the 'Accordion Sections' list. You can add as many sections as you like.

The widget will automatically adjust to the size of its content.

Simply select the widget you have added to your page and go to the Inspector->Widget Settings.

In EverWeb 3.7 or later you can double click the widget you have added to your page and EverWeb will automatically take you to the Widget Settings tab.

Then from the ‘Accordion Sections’ list, press the Add button.

You can change the title of the section by double clicking it in the Accordion Sections list.

The Accordion appearances is completely customizable. Go to the Widget Settings for the Accordion Widget in the Inspector and change the colors under the Styles section.

You can change the text colors and background colors for normal, mouse over and opened sections.

If you want to change the font for the Section titles, select the widget and then click the ‘Fonts’ button in the EverWeb toolbar.

You can add as many sections as you like. There is no limit!

This widget is completely free! Enjoy!

No problem! Just visit our contact page and let us know what you need.