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Add a Search Bar to Your Everweb Blog

Thursday, May 28, 2020

We’re happy to announce an all new, completely free, Widget Pack that lets you easily add blog search features to your web site!

The new Blog Search Widgets for EverWeb lets your visitors find exactly what they are looking for on your blog and they can even search from any page on your web site.

The new widgets are actually two separate widgets - one for your Blog Archive page that will do live searching as you type and one for any other page on your website that will take you to your blog archive page after performing a search.

Blog Archive Widget - Search Your Blog

Simply drag and drop the 'Blog Archive Search’ widget to your Blog Archive page. You can customize the settings such as how many results to display, the appearance of the Search field and what parts of your blog post it should search.

After you publish your web site, or preview in your browser you will be able to test it out.

As you type, the Blog Archive Search widget will filter the results showing the most relevant posts first and an indicator showing how strong of a match the post is to the keyword terms entered.

The search is very powerful using a sophisticated  search algorithm to find common misspellings or similar words.

Blog Archive Search Widget for EverWeb

External Blog Search - Add A Search Field To Any Web Paged

The second widget lets you add a search field to any other page on your web site. So from any page, your visitors can search your blog.

From the screenshot below I have added the ‘Blog Search External’ to my Blog posts page. I can use this widget on any page on my web site. When the user clicks the ‘Search’ button they will be taken to your Blog Archive page with the found posts highlighted.

Blog Search Widget for EverWeb

Both widgets are 100% customizable and you can modify it to fit the design of your web site. They offer custom settings such as;

  • Set the number of results to find
  • Customize all colors and fonts to match your website design
  • Specify what parts of your blog should be searched (title, content or both)
  • Localize all strings and text to match your web site’s language 

Download & Install for Free

These widgets are 100% free for you to use on your EverWeb website. Simply download them from the Blog Search Widget page and you’ll have your search features added in minutes!

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