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Image Compare Widget for EverWeb

Friday, May 18, 2018

We’re happy to announce our all new EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare widget for EverWeb.

This widget lets you show two images and allow your website visitors to easily compare them by moving a slider back and forth between the two images. It’s great for anyone that wants to show a before and after version of their services. Even more;

  1. Show before and after differences easily
  2. For photographers you can show two versions of your images
  3. For stylists you can show a before style and let your visitors compare it to a new style
  4. Decorators, builders, designers or anyone that needs to show subtle differences in before and after situations

There are many uses for this widget and best of all, it's completely FREE. So download the widget today and let your visitors compare how great your improvements or services could be for them.

Widget Installation Instructions

Like any EverWeb Widget you just need to download it and double click the downloaded widget. EverWeb will install it for you.

This widget requires EverWeb 2.7 or later

How to Use the Widget

You can use the EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare widget just like any other widget;

  1. Drag and drop the Widget onto the EverWeb Page you want to use it on
  2. You need to select a Before and After image. The images should be the same width and height for best performance
  3. Resize the widget so that it matches the width/height of the preview you see in EverWeb. This provides the best user experience
  4. Customize the widget with Before/After labels and decide whether you want a horizontal or vertical splitter
  5. That’s it! You can use as many Image Compare widgets on your web page

Visit the EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare page to download it for free and see it in action.

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