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Widget Compatibility With EverWeb 2.8 & Responsive Layout Mode

Saturday, November 17, 2018

EverWeb 2.8 was just released with Responsive Website Building along with a whole bunch of other improvements and new features.

We have tested our widgets on this new version and are happy to announce new versions that work on both Fixed Width and Responsive Design Layout Modes.

Here is a quick overview and some tips on using our widgets on the Responsive Layout Mode in EverWeb 2.8.

Please make sure to download the latest versions of our Widgets for improved compatibility.

EverWebPowerUp Cookie Bar 

The EverWebPowerUp Cookie Bar will flow within the sections you have added to your Responsive Layout. It doesn’t matter where in the flow of objects on your website that the Cookie Bar is shown. When you preview or publish your website the Cookie Bar will appear either at the top or bottom of your website, depending on the setting in the Inspector->Widget Settings

If you want your layout within EverWeb to better reflect your actual page design when previewing, you can drag the Cookie Bar widget to the top or bottom of your page. It will not automatically go to the top or bottom within EverWeb. However, once you view your website in your web browser, everything will appear properly.

EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare

The latest version of EverWeb PowerUp Image Compare will work in Responsive Mode so please make sure to update.

The best way to use EverWeb Image Compare though is to use it in a Responsive Row since you may not want the images to resize as the browser is resized.

By using the Responsive Row widget, the Image Compare widget won’t grow too large to distort the images you have used. However, if your images are large enough, you can use it as a Full Width section object in a Responsive Design.

Hopefully a future version of EverWeb will have a maximum width option for all objects so that you can control how large the Image Compare widget will grow to.

Questions, Comments?

If you have any questions or need any help with our widgets, please contact us. If you need additional widgets, we are also opened to creating new widgets for you. Let us know!

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